6-13th October 2024
Celebrating National Mental Health Week
on the Surf Coast


At Art of the Minds, we have embraced and celebrate our local Red Biscuit Sea Star, a small 5-rayed sea star unique to the waters of the Victorian Surf Coast. Tough, prickly and with armor-like skin, Biscuit represents resilience, a recurring theme in our strength-based mental health and wellbeing festival. We have therefore proudly adopted Biscuit in our logo with each arm representing our 5Cs: Celebrating Creative Community Conversations and Connections.

If you had a Biscuit, what would it look like?

Create your very own Biscuit and showcase your artwork in your window this month. Children will love spotting them when out and about in their neighbourhood. You can also share your Art on your Socials using #5CStarFish and #artoftheminds!

October is National Mental Health Month in Australia. Take good care and be kind to your mind.


Free-style – Biscuit Sea Star outline only

Standard – Happy mindful colouring!

Extra-Detailed – Do you have a little more time up your sleeve? Great! Colour away!


MINDFUL COLOURINGWhat is it and why is it important?

Mindful colouring is about bringing yourself emotionally and mentally into the ‘Presence’ – to be in the now and to let go of past and future thoughts and worries. You do this by focusing on the pencils, brushes, crayons (whatever you fancy), the colours in front of you and the emotions you experience then and there. The process is often compared to meditation and highly regarded as a wholesome approach to strengthening your mind and mental wellbeing.

Mindful colouring is good for all of us. It can help:

-> Reduce anxiety and stress
-> Improve sleep
-> Improve focus
-> Improve vision and motor skills

Create a starfish picture to display in your window so that children can go starfish spotting whilst out for walks.

Happy mindful drawing! We can’t wait to see your creations.

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