Celebrating October,
National Mental Health Month.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

A day to be connected in community and connected in cause
Saturday October 10, 2020
  •  12:00am
  to 12:00am
October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and whilst we can’t all be together in the ways we’d hope, there are many ways to explore mental health and connect as a community.

Why not practice mindfulness on World Mental Health Day? For those that have never put time aside to nurture their mental health, this is the perfect opportunity! We reconnect with ourselves in a variety of ways, including meditation and yoga in order to reduce stress, clear the mind and improve our focus.

Celebrating Creative Community Conversations & Connections for a mentally healthy community

We’d also love to see your 5CStarfish colour-in designs displayed in your home and store windows across the Surf Coast! We are encouraging the Surf Coast this year to display their Starfish/Mandala designs to promote awareness around mental health throughout October and can’t wait to see them all-month round.
You can get the colour-in in the Surf Coast Times 24/09, 01/10, 8/10, or download from our website.

Art of the Minds is also fundraising for Foundation 61 this year, to address mental health issues among men and tackle the stigmas. In 2020, we aim to raise $5000 to provide sponsorship of a safe space for 2 men over 12 months.
The stats for male suicide and depression are devastating, so please consider donating today: gofundme.com

And lastly of course, check out our events for Mental Health Awareness Month and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. With a whole calendar packed full of events, there’s something for everyone to creatively engage and manage mental health and wellbeing.

More Events

Friday October 30

Mindfulness Sensory Walk

When did you last walk barefoot on the beach?
Location: Meet Elephant Walk Park car park, Torquay Esplanade, Torquay, Victoria 3228
Monday October 12

#MOVE 4 THE MIND: Week 2 Challenge

Take a break halfway & connect with your environment
Cost: Free
Monday October 19

#MOVE 4 THE MIND: Week 3 Challenge

Promoting social connections - walk with a friend!
Cost: Free