9-16 October 2022
Celebrating National Mental Health Week
on the Surf Coast


The Roswell Greys x Mavis Mavis

Live Music Gallery
Saturday October 15, 2022
  •  4:00pm
  to 8:00pm
Cost: FREE
Location Mavis Mavis
Address: Shop 1/9 Gilbert St, Torquay VIC 3228
A live music gallery where audiences are invited to be immersed into the sound frequencies from local band ‘The Roswell Greys’ at Mavis Mavis. This collaboration is to share the love of music which is inspired by the classic rock era with a modern twist and to bring the community together in the town's heartbeat on Gilbert St.

An intimate and fresh experience to enjoy music, reflection, community and connection.

Band Members:
Ollie Hood
Sam Kappler
Joel Green
Bill Rose
Eliriziah Golebowicz
Call Organiser: 0406464207

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