7-15 October 2023
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Psychedelic Sisters Panel

Lived experience of trauma, psychedelics and a shared vision for the Australian psychedelic ecosystem
Wednesday October 11, 2023
  •  1:00pm
  to 2:00pm
Cost: FREE
Location Zoom
Dr Lani Roy, Melissa Warner and Antanika Hoberg are three passionate women in the field of psychedelics in Australia. All three women hold diverse and unique positions in the community and have been working very hard across multiple platforms and organisations to help shift the stigma and educate the public about the scientific benefits of psychedelics such as MDMA and Psilocybin (which have been rescheduled by the TGA and made available to eligible patients from July).

Together they will each share their lived experience of trauma and their own journey through the realms of psychedelics.

Together they will explore psychedelic preparation, integration and harm reduction; including a shared vision for the emergent psychedelic ecosystem here in Australia.


Dr. Lani Roy
Dr Alana (Lani) Roy is the Founder of The Signs of Life Psychology, Associate Research Fellow at Swinburne University, and The Community Outreach Board Member of Australian Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Practitioners. She is a psychologist, social worker, and therapist and has spent the last 15 years working in mental health, suicide prevention, trauma, sexual abuse, family violence, and the disability sector.

Lani has worked with borderline personality and dissociative identity disorder in various roles in the community, such as rape crisis centres with victims of ritual abuse; childhood and adult sexual assault; supporting women in the sex industry; and survivors of human trafficking. She specialises in complex trauma, disabilities, and dual diagnosis, and working with the Deaf community by providing therapy in Auslan sign language. Lani also specialises in preparation and integration in the field of psychedelic and sexual abuse survivors, particularly with Ayahuasca and the vegetelista dieta process.

For more information about her personal journey towards healing and psychedelics please click here

Lani provides a range of educational and group-based psychedelic programs. She is a board-approved psychology supervisor and provides psychology, social work, and biomedical student placements and supervision across Deakin, Monash, Victoria University, Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine (PRISM), Entheogenesis Australia (EGA) and the Mental Health Foundation. Lani coordinates the psychedelic and plant medicine Mental Health Professional Network (MHPN). Lani has taught as an Australian teacher on Psychedelics Today Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and other Australian Psychedelic programs. Lani is currently apprenticing under Saj Ravi from The Psychedelic Somatic Institute of Psychotherapy in America for cannabis and ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

Lani has begun providing Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) for clients accessing ketamine treatment in Australia with partnering clinical organisations. She is currently working on a range of research trials focusing on psilocybin and Ayahuasca.

She is passionate about connecting with professionals and community members who have integrity, creativity, and innovation; people who can uphold the sacred nature of these medicines as we bring them safely into the clinical context. Most importantly, she is a mother of two young boys, an owner of two beautiful high needs French bulldogs, and a wife of a sexual abuse detective.

Melissa Warner
Melissa is an advocate for innovative solutions for mental health and is on a mission to cultivate an evidence and experience-based understanding of consciousness.

Melissa is Secretary of Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine, co- founder of The Australian Psychedelic Society and a member of the UK Australian Young Leaders Forum.

After graduating in Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne, Melissa travelled to leading international centres of psychedelic research, transformative technology, meditation and somatic practices to forecast next-generation mental health treatments. Currently, Melissa supports Australian psychedelic research trials at PRISM and is a post-graduate psychology student at The University of Melbourne.

Melissa is an experienced meditation guide, having studied under Mingyur Rinpoche of the Mahamudra lineage. She is passionate about the potential of mindfulness-based approaches to scaffold and accentuate psychedelic healing. As a preparation and integration coach, Melissa’s values the multiplicity of every individual and welcomes the whole person into every session. Melissa’s approach is informed by a scientific outlook, a transpersonal perspective, a positive psychology lens and grounded in somatic awareness.

Melissa seeks to create a space that nurtures the therapeutic, poetic, and eudaemonic capacities of the psyche. In her creative time, Melissa enjoys her yoga practice, poetry, dance and painting.

Antanika Hoberg
Antanika Hoberg is a dedicated advocate for the responsible use of psychedelics in the treatment of mental health conditions and as a tool for self-exploration. As Vice President of the Australian Psychedelic Society (APS), Antanika works tirelessly to raise awareness and provide support to those seeking healing through psychedelics. With over 4 years of volunteering experience in the field, she is a knowledgeable and passionate voice for harm reduction, ethics, and self-education in the psychedelic community.

Antanika’s journey in the psychedelic community began with her own lived experiences when looking for treatment for her CPTSD, after much success she wanted to do more for the cause and began at the APS as a volunteer in 2018, where she worked on social media. And after finding little support in her own journey, while also recognising the importance of community support, she established the Adelaide chapter of the APS.

Antanika is deeply committed to promoting harm reduction, ethics, and self-education in the psychedelic community. With a focus on women’s health, she hosts meet ups and group calls to provide a supportive environment for learning and growth.

When not deep in the psychedelic world, Antanika spends a lot of time with her family, home schooling her kids and attempting to learn “how to veggie garden”.

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