9-16 October 2022
Celebrating National Mental Health Week
on the Surf Coast

If The Body Could Talk

If The Body Could Talk

Sunday October 9, 2022
  •  4:00pm
  to 5:00pm
Cost: $25
Location Fine Thanks
Address: 27 Baines, Crescent, Torquay
Combining Movement, Music and Visual art, If the Body Could Talk is a raw, honest and moving performance that encapsulates the truth behind distorted body image and the power of the mind to override the body's often painful and incessant whispers.

With an intimate yet exceptional cast, including Jules Haddock (Art of the Minds), Beck Rowse (Sound Healing Facilitator), Casey Chellew (Indefinitedance company from Melbourne), Lisa Kroesche Boyce (Founder of The She Rebellion) and Hazel Ray (Hazel Ray Music), watch on as they create a piece of art that tells the vulnerable and powerful tale of incredibly resilient and empowered women, passionate about opening up the conversation of Distorted Body Image and empowering its audience to find connection, understanding and support through this experience.

What you can look forward to:
- Beautiful abstract images of naked raw beauty
- Sound healing
- A personal heartfelt song of body image battles
- A drink on arrival
- Monologues of the Eve paintings talking to us all
- The most amazing dance performances from the indefinite dance team
- Connections to like minded others.
Call Organiser: 0439 610 394

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