9-16 October 2022
Celebrating National Mental Health Week
on the Surf Coast

Creative Arts & Managing the Mind

Creative Arts & Managing the Mind

Exciting panel line up discussing all things arty and mental
Wednesday October 12, 2022
  •  1:00pm
  to 2:00pm
Cost: free
Location Online
Exciting panel line up discussing all things arty and mental including:
-> Is the Mad artist a product of the illness, or is the illness managed by the mad artist?
-> Is it therefore about the process of art or the product of creative arts?
-> What scientific evidence is there that art reduces mental illness symptoms?

Our panel consists of a pool of talented researchers and creatives looking forward to sharing personal reflections, stories and opinions. Each will provide their insight into some excellent applications for us all in the world of creative arts and what they have to offer to our mental wellbeing


Carly Botheras
Research Assistant, PhD Candidate, CARN secretary
Science blog writer
Carly Botheras is an infectious diseases researcher at Deakin University and Barwon Health and is also a central committee member of the community and research network. Outside of her work, she has a passion for the weird and wonderful tales of the past and considers herself to be a bit of an amateur medical historian. As part of her work within the Community and Research Network, she has created a blog exploring the history of medical diseases, treatments, and medical curios, which can be found at the CARN Facebook page: Community and Research Network - CARN - Home | Facebook

Fiona Luca
Founder/Director, Move with Fiona Luca
A lifelong creative, Fiona Luca is both a practitioner and performance consultant facilitating and mentoring wellness-focused businesses and individuals with the goal of personal and professional development. Connect & access mindset, wellness, movement and other tools to help move your mind and body and reconnect with your purpose. Qualified Dance Educator, Yoga and Pilates instructor, Mind Body Therapist, Host of Talking Youth podcast. Mother, mental health advocate, moving to make a deep impact wherever she goes.

Luke Elliot
Geelong Art Therapy
I have been in private practice for four years and have been running group workshops and working one on one with people inquiring into their lives and needs through art making and drama therapy.
As a therapist I am rewarded with the privilege to companion the individual through this shared experiencing and development and share in the energy of new learning and experiencing, while supporting the moment in time as it occurs. As well as being a practicing arts therapist I am a professional actor and art maker with over thirty years’ experience in the arts, on stage, in film, television and radio and as a teacher and facilitator. I have developed a keen ear and eye and experience in connecting and communicating with others.

Chris Van Ingen
Chris van Ingen Is a Geelong performer, poet, public speaker, political activist and actor. Best known for his roles in the ABC drama’s barracuda and newtons law and the short film Jeremy the dud. He believes in the cathartic power of art to educate and heal the community. Using these skills he has advocated for the disability and mental health sectors as a trainer and policy advisor since 2004.

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Justine Martin
Founder & CEO | Justine Martin Corporation

Justine is an accomplished & award-winning artist; keynote speaker; resilience coach; author; and podcast host. She started Juzt art 10 years ago, and has grown to four businesses during that time.

Ten years ago Justine was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, then three primary cancers and later, underwent three heart surgeries. Medical specialists told Justine, she would never work again. But that was never an option for her! Justine catapulted herself into the world of business. She not only changed her life to give it purpose & direction, but also inspire those around her with her story and determination.

Throughout 2021 Justine was awarded 7 national awards for her dedication and outstanding performance across her businesses. Justine’s dedication and passion for helping & coaching others was recognised recently when she won Gold at the 2021 prestigious national AusMumpreneur Awards for ‘Coach of the Year’ and her outstanding creative ability continues to shine, winning GOLD in the 2021 Roar Awards for Creative ‘Artist of the Year’.

Michael Dunstan
All Ability Arts
All Ability Arts was created from a need to fill a void. We primarily service the Creative Arts exploration and development for those living with a disability (or not), for the age ranges of under 6 years old and over 16 years old. Coming from a teaching background, primarily in the Performing Arts, I enjoy supporting young children to find joy in the Arts and guiding young adults through the Creative Arts to find something that they are passionate about.

Michelle Buggy
Art Therapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist; EMDR trained & Psychotherapy Educator
Michelle Buggy is a group facilitator & Psychotherapist (PACFA accredited). She has completed her MA of Art Therapy with 21 yrs experience in Community & Mental Health as an Art therapist. Michelle has 7 years Mental Health experience at The Geelong Clinic in a Private psychiatric hospital as Art Therapist. Michelle continues to run Art Therapy, inpatient and outpatient groups, with clients struggling with Eating Disorders, addictive behaviours or other mental health presentations including depression, anxiety, Bipolar, BPD and other diagnosis at the Geelong Clinic.
Call Organiser: 0439 610 394

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