7-15 October 2023
Celebrating National Mental Health Week
on the Surf Coast

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Can Nature-Inspired Design Foster Mental Wellbeing?

Exploring the Effects of Biophilic Design on Mental Health
Wednesday October 11, 2023
  •  2:15pm
  to 3:00pm
Cost: Free
Location Zoom
In this webinar, we will have the privilege of engaging in a thought-provoking discussion with Dr. Phillip Roös, an esteemed academic, architect, designer, artist, writer, and philosopher. Dr. Roös's work transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, encompassing design, science, art, philosophy, and environmental research.

His expertise lies in exploring the convergence of these disciplines to deepen our understanding of our relationship with nature and its impact on our mental wellbeing. Dr Phillip Roös is currently an Associate Professor in Architecture - Ecological Design at the School of Architecture and Built Environment and serves as the Director of the Deakin Biophilia Lab at Deakin University.

With a profound commitment to ecological consciousness, Dr. Roös delves into the concept of biophilia, which refers to our inherent affinity for nature. He examines the phenomena of living structures and investigates our genetic connection to the natural world that has evolved over countless generations. His work combines rigorous academic scholarship with practical real-world projects, addressing both human consciousness and pressing global social and environmental issues.

The focus of our discussion in this webinar will be on the healing potential of nature and the application of biophilic principles in designing spaces that promote wellbeing. Biophilia asserts that our connection to nature is deeply ingrained and can profoundly impact our mental health. By integrating natural elements, patterns, and processes into the built environment, we can enhance the healing process and create spaces that nurture our well-being.

Who Should Attend:
This webinar is open to anyone interested in exploring the intersection of nature, design, and mental wellbeing. Professionals, researchers, students, artists, architects, and individuals passionate about the role of nature in enhancing our mental health are encouraged to attend. Join us to gain valuable insights, engage in stimulating discussions, and expand your understanding of biophilia and its implications for wellbeing.
Call Organiser: 0420 302 535

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